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 We are a parish ministry consisting of

men & women from the

Holy Family Catholic Church parish

in Orlando, Florida.


Join Us for A Personal Walk with Jesus ... Welcome to the Journey.


Jesus Christ is Risen...He is risen Indeed!


Emmaus Walk - Follow Me, He Says

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Frequently Asked Questions

about an Emmaus Encounter Weekend

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"But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying,

'Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.'" 

                                       ~ Matthew 14:27



Jesus Christ is Risen...He is risen Indeed!!!  (JCIR....HIRI)


(Q)  What is an Emmaus Encounter Weekend? or What is an Emmaus Walk?

(A)  An Emmaus Weekend is a organized weekend opportunity to ponder and reflect upon your individual relationship with Jesus. Each of us is on a spiritual "journey" and at different stages of our "walk" with Christ. The Emmaus Encounter Weekend or "Walk to Emmaus", as it is often referenced, is taken from the Gospel of Luke 24: 13-25, where two disciples were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus when our risen Lord appeared to them and walked by their side.


(Q)   How Long Does it Take?

(A)  The Encounter Weekend begins on a Friday evening, and Ends on Sunday afternoon. Meals, accommodations and Weekend materials are included in your fee.


(Q)   Do I have to be Catholic?

(A)  This Encounter Weekend originated as a Catholic Weekend retreat; however, you do not need to be Catholic to take part. Over the past several years we have had many non-Catholic, fellow Christians attend the Encounter Weekend. It has proven to be a most rewarding spiritual experience and life-changing for many.


(Q)  I want to attend, but I can't afford it. Can I make payment terms?

(A)  Full or partial sponsorships may be available if you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to pay the $160 cost of the Encounter Weekend. Requests for help are kept confidential and treated on an individual basis.


(Q)  I'm not sure I would be comfortable and may become embarrassed on Encounter Weekend.

(A)  The Holy Family Emmaus Encounter Weekends provide a safe, warm and comfortable environment where you identify your own, personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. It is a great opportunity for you to grow on your own spiritual journey. You will not be placed into any embarrassing situations or singled-out at any time.


(Q)  I want to attend, but I 'm not ready.

(A)  The number one reason most people hesitate to go on a Encounter Weekend is FEAR. Yes, fear of the unknown is what prevents many from taking advantage of parish and other Encounter Weekends to help grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus. Well, the TRUTH is that there is Nothing to Fear.

Here are a few of the common MYTHS:


I will be forced to do things that I don't want to do.


I will have to talk about myself and everyone will know my secrets.


I might be quizzed or tested on how much or how little I know about my faith.


I am not holy or worthy to go on a Encounter Weekend.


Encounter Weekends are for really religious people.


I am not "ready" to go on Encounter Weekend.


I am going to be judged if I go on Encounter Weekend.


I will be among a bunch of strangers that I don't know.


"But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying,

'Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.'"

                                        ~ Matthew 14:27

(Q)  What have participants said about Emmaus after their Encounter Weekend?

(A)  There are over 1,000 Men and Women who have attended the Holy Family Emmaus Encounter Weekends. These Encounter Weekends have afforded the opportunity to experience an incredible spiritual growth. Here are some common quotes that many men and women have echoed after going on the Encounter Weekend:


"I should have done this a long time ago".


"I feel so foolish that I was actually afraid to go".


"I never knew that so many others also felt like I did".


"I have never felt as close to Jesus as I did while on Encounter Weekend".


"My family and friends can't believe the difference it has made in my life".


"I feel so liberated after having attend the Encounter Weekend".


"I have 23 new brothers/sisters that I never had before".


"I met so many wonderful people and I feel like a real part of the parish".



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Questions or More Information:


Men's Weekend - Richard Dodd 407.625.3700 or e-mail - click HERE .


Women's Weekend - Nancy Wheatley 407.345.9781 or e-mail - click HERE .

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