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An Emmaus Walk is a life-changing, spiritual encounter held once a year for men and women (separately).

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Road to Emmaus … Journey and Encounter

An Emmaus Walk is an organized weekend opportunity (48-hours) to ponder and reflect upon your individual relationship with Jesus. Each of us is on a spiritual “journey” and at different stages of our “walk” with Christ.

Take a Walk – Join us October 28-30, 2016

Our next MEN's Emmaus Weekend is in October 28-30, 2016. Details and an application can be viewed by clicking on the "Next Encounter" button above.

Our next WOMEN's Emmaus Weekend is March 2017. Click on the "Next Encounter" button above for details.

OR Contact Ministry Leaders Nancy or Richard (see below).

About Emmaus Orlando

An Encounter with Jesus, A Bible Story in Luke, and A Ministry of Faith
We invite you to join us for your Emmaus Journey

The Holy Family Emmaus Retreat offers a unique opportunity to pray and reflect upon your individual relationship with Jesus. Wherever one may be on their faith walk, each rests at a different stage of the Journey but never alone. Jesus is always with us. He accompanies our walk at every step.

  • A refreshing, spiritual dip in the well.
  • Increased Fellowship
  • Deeper Personal Relationship with Christ
  • Simply reacquaint yourself with Christ

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Our Emmaus Team Leaders

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Nancy Wheatley

Women’s Emmaus Leader
407-345-9781 or e-mail:
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Richard Dodd

Men’s Emmaus Leader
407-625-3700 or e-mail:


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